A velvet Ghazal

A speck, in time

A speck gloriously dusty

Morose sat the evening

Mirror in the space, white and grey

Mirrored today, also

The sullen smoke and gloomy glow!


This speck was deemed to be cloudy,

This speck would be lost in time

Like so many others

She had lived, and would live again.


Idling in her melancholy

This moment had brought upon

And was bringing upon since nights

The sun sought to sing

A ghazal gloriously her own

An ode to her home

An ode to the celestials around

She let her heart out


Through vehement vocals

Lagging, but measured

Dripping fervour every breath

Dawdling though the idle speck

She had all the time in the world

Velvet spread through the dusty space


Mirrored now the piece of rock

A glint in the dark

A glow, a silver lining,

Only, not silver, not white,

But scarlet, golden, just about right

Now the grey- gold, and the white- ruby

Entranced by the song still

A golden Ghazal, for a gloomy night

A fire dancing, in the flat light


Bit by bit, the song was taking over

Scooped up a little at first

The red velvet spread then more

A crescent of melody, rising in notes

Of glory, of passion, of longing and relish


Dark velvet, loitering with every inch

Tailing with the sound of her music

Spread the velvet, even over the clouds

Dustier still, only darker and shrill

Golden rust on a copper sickle

Half rosewood, polished

Half snow ball, glinting in sunlight

Leisurely the notes, reached out

Painting the mirror whole

A rim illuminated, about a well dark


And what a glorious dark it was!

Like Vermillion, on the forehead

Like rose wine, swooning in the crystals

Like colour, bleeding, exploding into water

Like a thousand volcanoes, spitting lava

Like a red sea, with tides high and low


The Ghazal filled the space,

Every star did wake and blink

Oh, she had done it again!

The sun sang, but the moon looked eloquent

The sun flooded light, but the moon illuminated


Over time, every time.

She burned, but it was he who soaked the glory. 

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