Once a little heart, hoped.

Once, a little soul, spoke.


Of shapes of the clouds up above,

That danced while it looked about.

Of the sweet smell from a far away land,

Carried by the soft wind to your end.

Of the fireflies that sparked light,

To sprinkle some magic upon the night.


Once a little eye, saw.

Once a little hand, touched.


The fluff of wishes waiting to be true,

In the form of dandelions coming through.

The carpet of twinkling grass,

Blades playing catch with the sunlight.

And the gravel multicoloured

Like candy of all sorts.


Didn’t the once small ear,

Mellows of the stars hear

And reach out to the moon,

To talk to the old friend.

Didn’t the once small tooth,

Fall off under the pillow.

In the hope of a fairy

Turning it into a present.


Still dance the clouds,

In the pretence of looking over.

Still blows the wind sweet,

To catch a whisper of unreasonable hopes.

Still do the daffodils bounce,

Craving to deliver a wish up above.

So does wait the moon,

In the hope of seeing an old friend soon.


Wouldn’t you next time then,

A hope shatters into pieces when,

Like that broken tooth of yours,

Believe in that fairy from a time gone.

Believe in the magic of the universe.

Waiting to show off

The new tricks of time

And the miracles of wishes?

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